Federation of European Phycological Societies

About us

The Federation of European Phycological Societies (FEPS) aims to:

  • To provide a forum for all European phycological societies and individuals with an interest in phycology
  • To enable, promote and enhance algal (including cyanobacterial) research, education and other activities,
  • To increase public awareness of the importance of algae and cyanobacteria, and
  • To contribute to public debate and policy issues involving these organisms throughout Europe.

A detailed history of the Federation of European Phycological Societies can be found here.




Peter Kroth (Germany)

President Elect

Elżbieta Wilk-Woźniak (Poland)

Past president

Zrinka Ljubesic (Croatia, 2020-2022)


Dagmar Stengel (Ireland)


Yvonne Nemcova (Czech Republic)

Members of Council

Peter Kroth (Germany)
Roberta Congestri (Italy)
Line LeGall (France)
José Lucas Pérez Lloréns (Spain)
Jason Hall-Spencer (United Kingdom)
Elżbieta Wilk-Woźniak (Poland)
Zrinka Ljubesic (Croatia)
Annick Wilmotte (Belgium)
Katerina Aligizaki (Greece)
Yvonne Nemcova (Czech Republic)
Svetislav Krstic (North Macedonia)

Council Meetings

2007. Amsterdam, Netherlands, 30 March
2007. Oviedo, Spain, 23 July
2008. Leiden, Netherlands, January
2008. Brussels, Belgium, 28 July
2009. London, England, 23 June
2010. Köln, German, 10 September
2012. Olsztyn, Poland, 20 May
2013. Split, Croatia, 27 September
2014. Padova, Italy, 15 November
2015. London, United Kingdom, 28 August
2016. Prague, Czech Republic, 19 September
2017. Chania, Crete, 16 September
2018. Galway, Ireland, 6 September
2019. Zagreb, Croatia, 25 August
2020. On line (Microsoft Teams),25 August
2021. On line (Microsoft Teams),25 August
2022. Konstanz, Germany, 23 September
2023. Brest, Brittany (France), 20 August

Member Societies

The Federation of European Phycological Societies welcomes societies as well as individual members.


The Founders’ Charter was signed at the 4th European Phycological Congress in Oviedo, on July 23th 2007.
A revised Constitution was approved in 2012.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your country does not have a phycological society?

FEPS also accepts individual memberships.
Phycologists of European countries which are not represented on the FEPS Council by a national Phycological Society can join FEPS as individual members. The benefits of joining FEPS include a significantly reduced registration fee of the European Phycological Congress. Individual subscriptions to FEPS costs € 10.00 for 5 years. How to become a member, send an email via the Contact Form and we will get in touch.

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